Weekly Roundup — November 22th, 2021

Dear Lympo community,

It’s been a good week for those who can’t wait to get their hands on new Lympo NFTs! Because we’ve released two new completely original sets of collectibles for the legendary basketball player Donatas Motiejunas and the unstoppable Rugby player Vincent Clerc. And they were minted out QUICK. It only took two days for the Donatas Motiejunas collection to be fully minted out. And Vincent Clerc only has a couple more cards left in his collection.

Speaking of quick. Last week we opened a Dragon Syrup pool where users can stake their dQuick tokens and earn part of the $200,000 $LMT reward pool. At the same time, Lympo’s CEO spread the good word about Lympo and shared her insights. Ada Jonuse was attending the GeckoCon NFTs Gone Wild.
But here’s the detailed wrap-up!

Last week’s recap

Latest news — Upgrade time!

Get ready to stake your Lympo NFTs and earn $LMT. More utility, more freedom — more rewards.

It’s no secret that we’re taking our NFTs beyond a collectible asset. Our goal is to open up communication channels between users & athletes via NFTs, allow people to interact with their NFTs, utilize them in games, and gain rewards for being part of the community.

That’s why we’re in the final steps of launching our NFT staking platform, where users will be able to earn $LMT by staking their Lympo NFT Assets.

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Two New NFT Collections

Donatas Motiejūnas and Vincent Clerc had their NFT digital collections launch on Lympo last week.

Ten new legendary cards, 50 epics, 200 rares, 1000 uncommon, and 2000 common cards — a total of 3260, that’s how many new Lympo NFTs were released last week. 1125 — left at the start of this week.

That’s right! Lympo NFTs seem to be in high demand as the Donatas Motiejunas collection minted out in just two days. And Vincent Clerc only has common and uncommon cards left after several days of minting.

After the release, the first legendary cards minted out in MINUTES. If you want to secure high rarity cards, you’ll have to follow our Twitter and be on the lookout for the next drop. PS. It’s this week!

Win 1 of 500 99starz Themed REVV Cars

99starz is working to develop the largest NFT Yield ecosystem. That allows users to rent NFTs and participate in play-to-earn gaming — without the significant upfront cost.

They’ve partnered with REVV to give away 500 99starz themed NFT cars used in the REVV racing blockchain game, where users can win real-life rewards.

Who doesn’t like free NFTs? And you can win one for yourself — participate in their giveaway (participation is entirely free) and win yourself a free NFT car! You can find their giveaway page by clicking here.

Dragon Syrup Pool LAUNCH

To celebrate the recent addition of new $LMT pairs on the QuickSwap platform, we’ve opened up a dragon syrup pool — $200,000 worth of $LMT is up for grabs by staking your $dQuick tokens.

QuickSwap is used by tens of thousands of users daily, offering around $86 million of daily volume and approximately $754 million in liquidity (value-lock), according to their data charts. And we’re thrilled to be part of their ecosystem. So, what are you waiting for — grab yourself some $LMT tokens before they’re all gone. Enter the pool here.

Ada Jonuse Speaks at GeckoCon NFTs Gone Wild

GeckoCon was a three-day-long event where NFTs were at the heart of the discussion. The Lympo CEO — Ada Jonuse participated in a panel that discussed how NFTs are immortalizing sports stars and where the industry is heading.

Bringing more light to the Lympo project, the Lympo NFT minting platform, and how we’re turning athlete achievements into an immortal legacy, where users are part of the ecosystem.

Looking ahead

Our main priority now is to launch the Lympo NFT staking platform before the end of 2021. We are continuing to create new NFTs that are added to the Lympo NFT Minting Platform each week.

The 2nd most significant part of our roadmap is implementing Lympo Star Tokens into our ecosystem — you can find more information about that in our blog post.

We’re on the tipping point for Lympo as a powerhouse in the NFT space. With increasing functionality, partnerships, and growing numbers in the community, we’re excited about the future.

Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs