Weekly Roundup — December 6th, 2021

Dear community,

Last week, we released one of the most extensive updates to the Lympo platform to date — NFT Staking and taking our product from the Lympo NFT Minting platform to the Lympo NFT Ecosystem!

Up to this point, the Lympo NFT Minting Platform allowed you to stake LMT and partner tokens to mint sports NFTs depicting and officially licensed by top-level athletes. With the launch of NFT staking, we have created a way to monetize your NFTs through monthly staking rewards.

The first-ever staking pool consists of 888,888 $LMT tokens worth around $220,000 thousand.

Last week’s recap

If you haven’t seen it yet, visit the Lympo NFT staking page on the Lympo website.

To summarize, you can earn MONTHLY rewards by staking your Lympo NFTs and LMT tokens. You can stake up to 15 NFTs using one wallet, and the reward % depends on your NFT rarity. We have a detailed explanation that you can find by clicking here.

In other news, we’ve entered the jungle once again and partnered with our good friends, the apes! With ApeSwap, we’ve launched a design contest with a total prize pool of USD 8,500. What are you waiting for if you haven’t started designing your NFTs yet? We want to see some #LympoApes!

  1. Create some generative NFT art on the topic of Athletic Apes
  2. Post your submissions on Twitter with the hashtag #LympoApes
  3. Win! 1st place gets $5000 worth of $LMT and $BANANA tokens and gets their NFT collection MINTED and 1% royalty on all sales.

You can find more information in our latest announcement.

An additional pool featuring $LMT was opened on the popular exchange Sushiswap! The trading pair features $BONDLY/$LMT tokens and you can access the pool through this Contract:

SushiSwap Contract — 0xca711a5595c9f1105d8681dc8230dda38e77347b

Looking Ahead

With such a significant milestone event out of the way, we’re looking forward to even bigger and greater things — blockchain gaming. We’re already gearing up to launch the first blockchain games featuring Lympo. We’ve partnered with The Sandbox and will be releasing Lympo NFT assets within the game in the upcoming time. In addition, we have some other gaming-related partnerships. Stay tuned!

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