Weekly Roundup — December 27th, 2021

Dear community,

Happy holidays! We hope you had a Christmas to remember! As the last week of 2021 is approaching, let’s recall all of the thrilling events that happened at Lympo: the ApeSwap contest coming to an end, a new NFT collection, and an exclusive Lympo Christmas Event!

Last week’s recap

Francesco Friedrich NFT Collection

Last week we launched a new collection of Lympo NFTs designed around the legendary German bobsledder, Francesco Friedrich. Five new sports cards were listed on Tuesday, and the rarest cards went out almost immediately! No worries — you still have a chance to get your Francesco cards — as there are still a few Common and Uncommon cards left.
With such a positive response from our community, we are incredibly excited for the new NFT collection launches in the nearest future!

Lympo Christmas Free NFT Airdrop

As a gratitude to the Lympo community for being with us this year, we have launched a special Lympo Christmas Event!

Lympo users have an opportunity to get 1 of 3 limited-edition Christmas-themed NFTs by staking Lympo NFTs and LMT on our Staking Platform during the holiday period (December 24th– 27th).

If you haven’t heard about the Lympo NFT Staking Platform, you can find the information here — Lympo NFT Staking Explained.

Hurry — you still have a chance to get one of the Christmas-themed NFTs today. Each user has a 60% chance of receiving the Santa NFT, a 30% chance of receiving the Snow Princess NFT, and a 10% chance of receiving the Elf NFT.

How to get one?

1. Stake your Lympo NFTs and LMT on the Lympo NFT Staking Platform.

2. Make sure your NFTs are staked from December 24th at 00:00 UTC through December 27th at 23:59 UTC.

3. Get your Lympo Festive NFT airdropped to your wallet!

Stake your NFTs and get a special Lympo Christmas present right now!

You can find more information about the event here.

The Sandbox Pool is Live on Lympo Platform

Last week, Lympo, in partnership with The Sandbox game, launched the Sandbox Pool! The Lympo community has a chance to get their hands on exclusive sports items and real-life athletes in NFT form.

We’ll be releasing the Sandbox integration in a couple of stages. Currently, you can already stake your LMT and SAND tokens to acquire daily credits. Shortly, you’ll be able to spend your credits on Mystery Boxes or buying NFT assets directly.

Find out more about the Lympo x the Sandbox partnership here.

End of the ApeSwap NFT Design Contest

We are bringing our Lympo x ApeSwap contest to a close. The community voting round is ending today, so make sure to vote for your favorite while you can — you can vote using Google Forms here.

Voters have a chance to win some free LMT and SAND tokens!

There are 5 impressive designs to choose from, but only 3 will be winners:

  • 1st place wins $5,000 worth of $LMT and $BANANA tokens
  • 2nd place wins $1,000 worth of $LMT and $BANANA tokens
  • 3rd place wins $500 worth of $LMT and $BANANA tokens

The winner will have a 3000 generative NFT collection created by Lympo, and all community members will have the chance to acquire the NFTs later.

Looking ahead

We are working towards integrating Lympo with The Sandbox game and opening the doors of the Lympo Estate. Since the launch will arrive in 4 phases, more integration will be added within time. Lympo will also have a piece of land within Sandbox available in Q2 of 2022.
We are looking forward to releasing more NFTs and signing more distinguished athletes. We’ll share news about the new athletes we’ve signed in the upcoming weeks.

Want to know more?

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs

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