Three values for a strong foundation of our company

Ada Jonuse. CEO & Co-founder of Lympo

First things first… When we started Lympo, it was a totally value-driven decision. I and my beloved co-founders Marius and Tadas strongly believed that the world of health and fitness will look differently in the future and we wanted to combine our knowledge and passion to jump into that spaceship first and to be the North Star for the upcoming change. It seems that that strong inner confidence we have helped us through the journey from the initial 200k seed investment to the first 15.000 people marathon run in which people EARNED for their activity, to a partnership with Dallas Mavs, to an official app launch with Mark Cuban, to attracting hundreds of thousands of users, etc, etc etc. I can keep on going, but I guess you get it — it was a crazy year for us!

So, in this article, I want to share with you three core values which provide a strong foundation for the Lympo and the product we build.

#1. People should own their fitness & health data and be able to monetize it

We generate megabytes of fitness data every day — from pedometers to heart rate monitors, from tracking food to MyFitnessPal to a training session on a stationary bike. What if I say it’s just the beginning? More and more trackers are developed every month and what we called fitness data 5 years ago, comes closer and closer to health research we do at the hospital.

We want our users to be the owners of their assets. It’s the foundation of the product and the business model we build. Everyone in the Lympo team is an advocate of a change in this industry. Emerging decentralized apps is a sign of disruption in the current market where all the data (the gold of the 21st century) is owned by corporations which are monetizing and using it as they want. This system leads us towards the concentration of wealth into the hands of a few people, data misuse, manipulation, hacks and destruction of freedom and privacy. We started and continue building Lympo to enable people to manage & monetize their fitness & health data.

At the upcoming stage of our journey, every Lympo user will not only earn by completing various health and fitness challenges as they do it now, but will also be empowered to manage their health data records freely: provide them to the doctor in a hospital or to the coach in a gym, sell it to insurance companies, share it with family members and get personalized health advice. Unified data format and freely managed data sources with our platform integration components will enable users to use and monetize their data in a secure, transparent & flexible way. We believe that this is the future.

#2. Go big or go home

Knowledge and skills are not valuable if not used for a greater purpose.

We have not founded Lympo with a goal to build a business. We have founded a Lympo to change the world. Great vision & non-limited approach to our capabilities, helped us to move faster and reach further than seemed possible.

1.5 ago 5 of us were sitting in a small office with barely any windows & working 18 hours per day on various crazy tasks. 18 months later we not only have 140k+ users and we grow like crazy, but we also have a partnership with Dallas Mavericks, we have been featured on CNN and Forbes, but I have also given birth to my son Leonidas. Insane. I am not bragging, but for me, it seems unbelievable how far we managed to go. And every time we have conversations about the future, the one thing that never changes is — everyone in the team believes that we will have millions of users to whom we will be providing amazing service. It motivates me and it keeps us going!

#3. Community is the most important asset we have

I have learned a very important lesson from Marius, my co-founder and Lympo CPO — without a community there is no company. Our community is the most important component. We stay as close to our users as possible, we care about them, always concentrate on the value we are providing, we are always transparent, we always share our love for what we do. We have promised ourselves that we will keep it this way.

Lympo is a company which was born to change what is wrong and bring ownership & control back to the community. That makes it even more important for us. This value & a more “human” approach is not only helping us to achieve the product-market fit faster but also fuels our growth — 60% of our growth is organic + word of mouth!

BTW. Our vision was supported by more than 6000 people already! We have been chatting, helping, engaging with all of them! We feel a deep appreciation and love for our supporters!

Message for our community:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Every time I have a difficult day, I remember all of you and my motivation comes back! We will give all we have to make our vision happen!


I have a message for entrepreneurs out there:

Always have a strong value-based foundation for the product, never think small and always care about people you work for. Thanks for reading!




Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs

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Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs

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